Time in the Mountains ’09

Fourth of July and Labor Day ’09 with the grandkids

For the July Fourth weekend Sherry, Lou’s daughter, took her girls up to Blue Ridge, Ga. for a mountain weekend.  I picked up my grandsons and took them over.  All the grandkids were with Sherry.  Lou and I went on over to her cabin.

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Welcome to Sucheslife

Eagles Nest Lake

On the Fourth we all met at David and Dee Jones  beautiful cabin on the Toccoa River.  They held their usual wonderful July 4th barbecue.  The food was great.  We took the kids up the river and put them in for a 2:20 float trip back down to the cabin.  They got there in time to eat, and did the boys eat.  There was plenty  of all kinds of barbecue, side dishes, and especially (for them) desserts.  They packed it away.  We can’t thank David and Dee enough for their warm hospitality.  They are the best.

Grandkids ready to float the Taccoa River

Hannah floating the river

Grandkids on the river

Back at cabin with Sherry, the kids took advantage of the large screen TV, hot tub, view of the fireworks. and the ample supply of food that Sherry supplied.  Thanks Sherry.  It had to be a busy weekend for you!

Labor Day weekend ’09

For Labor Day we all met at Lou’s cabin this time.  There was Sherry with Aliya and Hannah along with Gracie their rescued dog.  Gracie loved the mountains, by the way.  It seems she wasn’t quite ready to go home.

I drove the boys, Griffin and Harrison, over Friday night to meet Lou.  We then Saturday morning drove over to Dalonagha to meet Sherry and the girls.  We had lunch and turned the kids loose to explore the town.  On Saturdays during the season there is Mountain music played live on the square.

Mountain Music on the Square in Dalonagha

Harrison & Griffin at Applachian Trail Head

Sunday we drove over to Desota Falls.  The falls are named for Hernando Desota because a piece of armor that could have belonged to one of his explorers was  found near there.  It is quite a hike up to the falls.  It is a good way for teenagers to burn off some energy.

Hannah and Aliya at Desoto Falls

Kids at Desota Falls

Gracie, Hannah, Aliya and Sherry

Later the kids took the fishing rods down to the lake at Eagles Nest to try their luck.  The fish were not biting, but they seemed to have a good time.  The grilled burgers were ready for them when they came back.  Then it was games for the evening.

Burgers on the Deck

Monday morning it was everyone up to get the cabin back in order to leave.  Lou did a wonderful job of planning and taking care of all of us.

Thanks Lou & Sherry

The weather was beautiful and cool.  It was very enjoyable, but I think that Gracie, the dog, enjoyed it the most.

Lou's Flowers on the Deck

Halls and Walkers at the Cabin Oct 30-Nov 1

On the 29th Lou and I went over to get the cabin ready for the Halls and Walkers coming over the next day.  The Halls live in Birmingham, AL and the Walkers live on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay at Daphne, AL.

It was great visiting and having Jim’s harmonizing and Nancy’s nice voice.  Both Jim and Ron have some great guitars, but it seemed that my barotone uke became the community instrument of choice.  They are both good players, and I’m trying to catch up to them.   NOT!!!  It will never happen.

Jim's birthday dinner

On Halloween we had a birthday dinner for Jim.  He said that he was born on Halloween because Dec. 25th was already taken.  Lou loves Christmas so we lit the tree and sang some Christmas carols.

On Saturday we went over to Dahlonega to do some shopping and take in the music usually played on the square.  It is a beautiful little town that reminds one of a New England village.

Town Square at Dahlonega

Of course, there was music.

Dahlonega music on the Square

. . . . . .and when you have music, you have serious music critics!!!!

Dahlonega Music Critics

There was plenty of live music back at the cabin.  We were probably the only trio around with our own girls back up singers and dancers.

Our Backup Singers

The music was great fun, and Ron taught me a few blues licks on my Uke.  If we did it more often, we would be alot better.

Music at the Cabin

Linds, Ron, Nancy, Jim, and Lou

This was Jim and Nancy’s first trip to the cabin, and we hope they come back.

Nancy and Jim

We stopped by the Applachian Trail crossing to see if we could help locate Mark Sanford, but he was no where to be found.

The Gang at the Applachian Trail overlook

Happy Campers

Fall '09 at Suches, GA

Good friends, music, and Fall in the mountains.  It doesn’t get much better than this!


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