Summer/Fall Chesapeake ’07

Summer/Fall 2007 Chesapeake Cruises

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August 21, 2007  Tuesday

Heading home today.  About two hours after leaving Galesville, the Hartge Yard phoned.  They had already hauled MOONSTRUCK, and checked the props and shafts.  There was a ding in one of the four blades of the starboard prop.  It was just enough to set up a vibration when exceeding 1500 rpm.  We just thought it was wise to cruise slowly to protect the cutless bearing and transmission.  Dodged right when I should have dodged left.  However, all is well that ends well.  It is a good thing that we were only moving about five knots.  It will just take a small repair of the prop.  There was more damage to the pride than to the boat!

August 20,  2007  Monday

Well, this trip is winding up, and Lou and I are heading home in the morning.  My business is taken care of in Washington, and the boat will be left in good hands at the Hartge Yard.  When we set a firm date to come back in September, we will post it here.  Who knows!  We may even go up to Baltimore Harbor for a few days of eating some delicious Italian and seafood dishes.

It is hard to believe that maybe one more trip after that will be time for heading back South.  This summer has passed by so quickly.  It is sad to think of leaving the Bay.

August 19, 2007  Sunday

We finished our small loop cruise today by tieing up back at Hartges about 5pm.  Great week!  It is back to work tomorrow as I have a meeting in DC.  We will then leave for home Tuesday morning.

For those of you who have not done much river cruising, especially the Tennessee River, please bear with me.  After about 2000 miles of cruising without touching bottom or being passed by anything, we were passed on the Chester River this morning by a Gibson House Boat of all things.  It will be sack cloth and ashes for the captain.  We suffered the worst of insults!  Because we did not want to risk damage to the boat, our speed today was held to under 10 knots—even a Gibson can pass that.  A picture follows.

For lunch we tied up in Annapolis Harbor right in front of the Market House.  We were lucky to get a spot like that.  Tieing up in Annapolis is always special as it is one of the busiest harbors on the coast.  Lunch at Phillips was just great.

Then it was cruising back to West River by passing Thomas Point light.  Thomas Point Light is one of the most photographed light houses on the coast.


I have to call him “LUCKY DON”..Who else could cruise into Annapolis Harbor on a Sunday afternoon and find the perfect docking spot??  After an easy tie up, a delicious lunch and some browsing, we headed back to MOONSTRUCK.  We were told by at least 5 people what a beautiful boat she is.  I agree!!  I have to admit I was proud of the way Capt. Don maneuvered the boat out of the narrow channel and into the bay.  Several people on the dock watched with amazement, also.

Many memories were made on this leg of the trip.  Thinking about leaving the Chesapeake area for home makes me a bit sad, however, Don’s promise of returning gives me something to look forward to.

Please Note:  By putting your cursor on the pictures a title or comment will pop up.

Being passed by a Gibson--the worst of insults

The Bay Bridge in the rain

US Naval Academy at Annapolis

Annapolis from dockmaster's office--MOONSTRUCK bottom right

MOONSTRUCK in Annapolis

Thomas Point Light House

August 18, 2007  Saturday

Since we were not going to make the 50 mile round trip up the Chester River, we thought that this would be a good day for exploring some lesser known spots.  We left Rock Hall Harbor about 11:00am and headed south.  We went into Queenstown Creek and Little Queenstown Creek.  When leaving Little Queenstown Creek at a speed of about five knots, I let my attention wonder to a deadhead log ahead.  Dodged right when it should have been left and got into the side of the channel on the green (starboard) side.  Not good to do that!    The props got into the mud and there is a vibration in one or both.  That will be checked out when the boat is pulled at Hartges.   This could cost at least one boat unit. Cruising is not for the faint of heart.

It just doesn’t get much better than where we are now anchored.  We are in Reed Creek with the temperature in the 70’s, low humidity, and a soft cool breeze coming through the hatches.  It looks like we will not be alone tonight as a few other boats are already coming into the anchorage.

This is an added note that comes under the heading of “it’s a small world”.  While anchored in Reed Creek, we were unaware that on the other side of the cove a friend of mine was anchored.  Jerry and Linda Etzold were anchored on their new Monk trawler, MONKS VINEYARD.  It would really have been nice to see them and take a look at their new boat.  Maybe next trip.


Since Don introduced me to boating, we have been to many exciting places and done many interesting things, the latest of which was at St. Michaels Md.  With its unique houses, shops, and great eateries it was truly a memory maker.

Of all the things we have done, anchoring is my favorite!!  To be on the water, under a clear sky at night, with a nice breeze through the hatches….that is the perfect setting for a perfect evening.

Rock Hall Harbor

Rock Hall Crab Boat

Queenstown Waterfront

Reed Creek Anchorage

Reed Creek Homes

Lou's photo of the sunset on Reed Creek
August 17, 2007  Friday

When you snooze you lose——-Chestertown Marina was booked up for the weekend.  Change of plans——-tied up in Rock Hall Harbor this afternoon.  Great lunch at Watermans Crab House.  They had all you can eat steamed crabs for $18.99.  That is a good deal, but Lou is not quite ready for that.

We stopped in at Tilghman Creek to see where Molly Cox, a good friend, was raised.  Her family, the Cockeys, had a boat yard there.  We found the old marine railway, so feel quite certain that we found the place.  What beautiful surroundings to spend your youth.

On the way out of St. Michaels Harbor we saw Capt. Jerry Friedman giving instructions to his crew for the day before leaving on Mr. Jim the historic Chesapeake Bay Buy boat.  Pictures of all the above follow.

Cockey family boat yard on Tilghman Creek

Cockey Family boat yard

Capt. Jerry, white shirt, on Mr. Jim shaping up his crew for the day

LuLu guarding groceries at Rock Hall Landing Marina Office

August 16, 2007  Thursday

Another day in St. Michaels.  We had planned on leaving this morning, but it was overcast with rain showers early.  We really didn’t want to leave anyway, so we decided to hang around for another day.

We had a great lunch at the Town Dock Restaurant and then took a walk around the East side of the town.  We are putting up a few pictures of the homes.  Really, most everywhere you look could be a picture.

Concert tonight in the little bandstand in the park near the waterfront.  Imagine our surprise when they struck up “Sweet Home Alabama”. 

We are out of here tomorrow or change our mailing address.  We will try and stop by to check out the Tilghman Creek anchorage.  My friend Molly Cox was raised on Tilghman Creek, and her brother still lives in the family home there.  Then it is on to the cut through Piney Narrows and Chestertown which is about 25 miles up the Chester River.   Chestertown is full of historic homes and art galleries.  Captain Jerry Friedman has warned us about a speed trap along the way at Rolph’s Wharf Marina.  We will go through at idle on one engine. 

St Michaels Mulberry at New Streets

St Michaels Entry Door

St Michaels Mullberry St at Jackson Square

August 15, 2007  Wednesday

St. Michaels, what more can I say.  This is just the nicest place to tie up for a spell.  Today was clean up day.  Lou cleaned the inside of the boat, and I cleaned the outside.  We had to get ready for inspection.  We were expecting a visit from the Commodore of the Chesapeake Mainship Group, Capt. Jerry Friedman.  Jerry is a great guy and stopped by for a visit.  I don’t think that he was too critical.

We did the Chesapeake Maritime Museum this afternoon.  It is was one of the best exhibits anywhere.  It depicts the history of the Bay and does such a wonderful job of it.  After dinner at the Carpenter Street Saloon, we did laundry to wrap up the day.  Lou said that it was just another plain old work day.  I think she wants me to tell her when the yachting is going to commence.


Don has tried to convince me that finishing teak, cleaning the boat, doing laundry and all other sort of work is yachting!!  I have other ideas…
The Chesapeake Maritime Museum gives a great depiction of what life in the early years was like.  The information I gained today will give more meaning to The Chesapeake…a novel I’m reading.

Talbot Street, St Michaels

Carpenter Street House, St Michaels

Hooper Straight Light at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum

St Michaels Harbor from the Hooper Straight Light House

Mister Jim, a Chesapeake Bay historic buy boat that is sometimes captained by Jerry Friedman

August 14, 2007  Tuesday

A wonderful night spent at anchor.  The weather cooled down and the breeze came through the hatches.  There are not too many August nights like this one.  We awoke and did some exploring up the Wye East River.  This is one of my favorite spots in the whole world.  I just can’t describe it adequately enough to even try.

We slowly cruised into St. Michaels for a couple of nights stay.  This is a must stop on the Bay.  We are tied up at Higgins Yacht Yard next to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Musuem.  We plan to spend most of the day tomorrow there.  There are a few pictures of the waterfront area that we will post for today.

Anchoring in the Wye East River was a unique experience.  Under a canopy of brightly shining stars, the world was a magical place.  The heat was kept at bay by the cooling breeze coming through the hatches.  We were in an isolated but beautiful place.
So far, St. Michael’s has been all I expected and more!!  The quaint houses and interesting shops really make this a place to explore.

St. Michaels Waterfront

St. Michaels Marina

The famous Crab Claw Restaurant

St. Michaels Harbor Inn & Marina

August 13, 2007  Monday

MOONSTRUCK is on the move again!  Left Hartge’s at 1:00 pm after a pump out.  Slow cruise out the West River and up the Rhode River to check out a couple of anchorages.  Then with a little more speed, we crossed the Bay into Eastern Bay, Miles River, to the Wye East River.  We are anchored tonight in a great place—-Quarter Cove.

Lou made a couple of great sunset shots.  She will tell you about her impressions.

The Chesapeake area is indescribably beautiful!!  We are anchored in a cove that is impossible to describe….beauty surrounds and peace abounds….

Anchored in Quarter Cove

Sunset at Quarter Cove

August 12, 2007  Sunday

Finally finished most of the 7th coat on the outside teak.  We will let it cure a little, then go cruising tomorrow.  RipTides at Edgewater for dinner tonight.  Lou had her favorite—Crab Balls!  Don ‘t ask.

Being at the Hartge Yard at Galesville has not been too bad.  Here is a scene from the stern of MOONSTRUCK.

Sail boats on moorings at Hartge's

August 11, 2007  Saturday

The heat broke a little, and the skies cleared—great day for finishing teak!  We almost got four coats on all the outside teak today.  Hopefully, we will do three or four tomorrow and finish up the job.  I have been trying to tell Lou that she has been yachting.  She says no that yachting is something else.  This is just plain work!  I have got to get this job done and get to cruising before she takes off for home.  She has been a great help, and we are happy to report that she is feeling much better.

If teak is finished on Sunday, that means that we can start our cruising on Monday.   Hooray!  It is about time.

August 10, 2007  Friday

Showers predicted for today.  Thought that it would not be a good day for finishing teak.  Lou and I took the day off and drove up to Baltimore.  We toured the Inner Harbor area including the 7ft Knoll Light House, Chesapeake Light Ship, Coast Guard Cutter, and the submarine Torsk—-that’s right folks, I got Lou to go on board a real submarine.  That was no easy task.  We then drove through the Fells Point area and headed back South before rush hour traffic.  We stopped off at Burr Yacht Sales in Edgewater to take a look at their beautiful Fleming Yachts.  We were invited back for a ride on one, but we will have to see if that happens.

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Light Ship Chesapeake

Lou at the helm

August 9, 2007  Thursday

Still contending with 100 degree f days.  In spite of the heat the outside teak is masked, sanded, and tacked off.  It is ready for the finish coats to be applied.  Will check the weather tomorrow.  If no rain will start the process and hopefully finish up by Saturday.

Lou is feeling much better.  For dinner tonight we drove down to Deale to eat at Calypso’s which is near Hearington Harbor North.  Not too bad.

August 8, 2007  Wednesday

We cleaned the boat on Tuesday, then spent the afternoon trying to get a sinus infection that Lou had picked up taken care of.  It looks like she found a good doctor that got a handle on it.  She almost immediately started feeling a little better, thank goodness.  She has continued recovering today, and it looks like she will be good as new in a couple of days.

The weather has definitley turned hotter with the last 2 days being about 100 degrees f.  Even with that most of the woodwork has been masked off.  Tomorrow we will finish that and start sanding.  The finish should be done by Saturday afternoon.  Then we can start some real cruising on the Bay.  We are looking forward to that.

Hopefully, the hot weather will break, and we will be able to do some anchoring in some of the wonderful spots.  If not, it will be all marinas.  However, that is not altogether a bad thing.

August 6, 2007  Monday

Lou and I arrived back at the boat after a 12 hour drive up.  MOONSTRUCK was sitting at the dock just as Luke Frey, Hartge’s service manager said she would be.  The plan is to be taking about 3 days to do some outside woodwork refinishing then do some cruising.

July 12, 2007  Thursday

We are scheduled to return to MOONSTRUCK on the evening of August 5th.  If the weather is cool enough, there will be about three days of varnishing the exterior teak.  Then, liesurely cruising the Bay will be in order.  We will probably just go where the mood takes us.

Tomorrow on Friday the 13th we are to meet Capt. Ron and Linda Hall for a weekend at Lou’s mountain cabin.  It should be a weekend of good friends, blue grass music, cooking out, and kicking back.  The cool of the mountains in the summer is a very good thing. 

July 2, 2007  We are not presently cruising.  We are now both home and spending some time in the mountains.  We are not certain when we will be back to the boat, but it can’t be soon enough for us.

June 30, 2007  Saturday

We love this place! 

Hartges and Galesville are a laid back boating area.  We have been here for only one day and were invited to a fund raiser cook out with live music to benefit the Rhode and West River River Keeper.  Live music, good food, and fun.

After cleaning the boat inside and out this afternoon, Lou and I took a ride down to Herrington Harbor North at Deale, MD to see if Allan and Linda Sager were on their boat AVATAR.  We found AVATAR, but no one was aboard.  Linda was out of town, and Allan was out sailing on the Bay.  Later Allan called and drove up to see us.  It was great getting reacquainted.  We hope to see more of them during our cruising.


What a way to end this leg of the trip!!!!  Oxford and Annapolis yesterday, Galesville today…As Don said, this is a special place.  The music and food on the bay were wonderful.. Thanks to Marty Black we were able  to enjoy this event.  People we had never met were extremely friendly and have invited us to more events when we return on later visits.  Boating life is certainly different from anything I’ve ever known. 

Tomorrow we will be homeward bound….looking forward to meeting Bill and Jan Evans in the mountains and then later in the month Ron and Linda Hall.  So many exciting things to look forward to!!!!

Hartge Yacht Yard Sign

Riverside Drive R & B Band

The Blacks, our hosts for the evening, at the River Keeper Benefit

Tired Party Goers
June 29, 2007  Friday

We had a little bitter and sweet today.  After an hour and a half run we pulled into West River—the end of our adventure that started on May 16th.  We are at Hartge’s Yacht Yard where MOONSTRUCK will be stored on the hard until we return for another Bay cruise.  We opted to skip the anchorage at La Trappe Creek (again).  It just made sense not to be so rushed Saturday trying to get the boat ready to be put away.

While we were this close, we thought that we would not miss the oportunity to run up to Annapolis for a couple of hours.  Most of the pictures today are from there, but there is one of the Robert Morris Inn at Oxford where we ate breakfast.  Their crab cakes are the best on the Bay as attested to by the author James Michener.  I happen to agree.

The weather was a little cooler today, and the folks at the Hartge Yard are top drawer.  MOONSTRUCK will be well taken care of.  She deserves it!  During the whole trip she never missed a beat. 

We are very thankful to have completed such a journey with no problems or mishaps.  Kind of phenomenal on a boat trip of this duration.

Robert Morris Inn at Oxford---the Bay's best crab cakes

Annapolis Harbor

Annapolis Yacht Club

Annapolis Street looking toward the Capital Building
June 28, 2007  Thursday

We had a short run today.  We took on 321 gal. of diesel fuel at Calvert Marina on Solomons Island and departed for Oxford at 12:20 pm.  After a short run of 1:20 we were securely tied up at Mears Marina on Town Creek in Oxford.  I will leave it for Lou to describe the town and events of the day.

After two blistering days we are supposed to get some relief from the heat.  Yesterday, coming down the Potomac River from DC it was 97 degrees.  Today about 92 degrees.  After a front moves through tonight it is supposed to drop to about 80 for a high.  If that is the case we will do something tomorrow that I have been waiting for about thirty years to do.  I have read about what a fine anchorage La Trappe Creek is for at least that amount of time.  If the weather is that good we will try it out for ourselves.


For me, highlights of the day have been, walking the streets of Oxford, seeing the unique and quaint houses, eating at The Robert Morris Inn, and practicing bike riding on the narrow streets of the city.  They say, “Just like riding a bike!!”, meaning, if you have ever ridden then you should be able to do it again…HAH!!!  I will celebrate when I accomplish this feat!!!  I am making progress, however, not there yet.

I am looking  forward so much to anchoring out tomorrow night.  Don has talked  so much about La Trappe Creek!!  It will be a special day for both of us.  If we have the same full moon as tonight, then it will be a beautiful evening.

Pictures posted today will include one of Capt. Don when he is taking on a  load of expensive fuel….(notice how he is smiling!!). Another is of boats on their mooring off the Strand in the Tred Avon River at Oxford.

Boats on Tred Avon River

Happy Don smiles even when taking on a load of expensive diesel fuel

Moon over Town Creek at Oxford

June 27, 2007  Wednesday

After the boat being at the Capital Yacht Club for twenty-five days it was time to leave.  The CYC was a nice surprise.  The Club members were rather laid back and very accepting of new folks.  We were even driven to Alexandria, VA to shop at Trader Joe’s for wine and cheese; but, alas, we never planned to be permanent residents.

We retraced our track down the Potomac to the Chesapeake Bay—stopping only for a little diesel fuel at Aqualand Marina just up stream of the US301 bridge.  This is not a recommended stopover I am sorry to say.

Feet get itchy, and it is good to be travelling again.  The Bay gave us about a 3 foot following sea.  We threw spray everywhere, but rode comfortably.  After about five and a half hours we were tied up at Calvert Marina in Solomons, MD.  This is a great place, and it is very reasonably priced.  Tomorrow after fueling we will be moving over to Oxford, MD on the Tredavon River.


Seeing the historical sites of DC, traveling the following sea to Solomon’s and learning more about boat handling, has made this one more great week!!  Tomorrow we will cross the bay and run up the Choptank River, which is the setting of a novel, “Chesapeake”, I’m reading.
Tonight we enjoyed a great dinner at Vincenzo’s, near the marina.  After a quiet night, I am looking forward to the trip to Oxford.

June 26, 2007

It has been ten days since the last report.  In that time my son, David was up for five days.  His focus was a little different than the grandkids.  David is very much into history and the political process.  He knows facts of history that astound me.  All in all it was a great week, but not as physical as the one with the kids.

On the twenty first Lou flew in.  We have had a great time seeing the sites that she wanted to see.  Tomorrow we plan to leave the Capital Yacht Club after three weeks here.  We will retrace our path down the Potomac to the Chesapeake Bay.  We are still not certain where we will be tomorrow night.  If it is cool enough, it would be nice to anchor in Horsehoe Bend near St. Marys, MD.  The weather looks doubtful.  We will have to see.

The pictures posted here are of monuments and scenes that you will recognize.  We just thought that you may want to see some of what we have been doing.


Touring DC with Don has been a great experience.  His knowledge of each monument, museum and Arlington Cemetery, has made this a memorable visit for me.  Since I arrived at noon on the 21st, our schedule has been full…visiting the historical sites, riding the subway, eating hotdogs from street vendors and practicing bike riding. 

Though we are leaving this area tomorrow, I am looking forward to more excitement along the way.

Jefferson Memorial from the Washington Monument 

Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument

Washington Monument with Lou

Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington Cemetary

White House from the Washington Monument

The Capitol

Washington Channel from the Washington Monument.  MOONSTRUCK is in the bunch of docked boats.

Washington Mall looking West from the Washington Monument

June 16, 2007

My son, Mike, and his family departed this morning for home.  They will have a stop off at Mt. Vernon just to complete the Washington experience.  What a week it was.  We nearly wore out the bikes, and we walked probably from five to ten miles a day.  They saw it all including as follows:

    a.  A tour of the White House courtesy of Senator Bob Corker
    b.  A tour of mostly the Senate side of the Capitol.  Senator Corker met us there and   
         escorted us to the Gallery while he gave a speech on immigration.
    c.  The Smithsonian museums including the American Indian, Arts, Natural History,  
         Flight, The Portrait, and the Modern Art Museum (sorry, I just did’t quite “get” most
         of that one).
    d.  The Spy Museum
    e.  Congressman Zach Wamp gave us a tour of the House side of the Capitol in the 
         evening with no crowds.  There was a debate going on an appropriations bill.  He    
         took Griffin and Harrison down on the floor of the House with the debate going on. 
         Zach is a history buff and has many stories about the Capitol.
    f.  The Library of Congress docent lead tour was also courtesy of Senator Corker.  A   
        very striking building.
   g.  Arlington Cemetary with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and the graves of those
        who have given so much for our country was a moving expierience.
   h.  The Holocaust Museum.  Will mankind ever learn?
    i.  Oh yes, a subway ride and six hours at the zoo.  A total zoo experience.

What a week!

As I write this son, David, is on his way.  He is driving up and scheduled to arrive tonight.  His week will be a different experience as he will focus on his interests of politics and foreign affairs.  Then Lou will fly up on the 21st for a few days.  We will then take a couple of days to move the boat back around to the Bay to where it will be stored before driving home for the July 4th holiday.  What a month and a half!!!!!!!!!!


Summer is almost upon us.  For the week of June 2-10 Lou and Don are back home.  My son, Mike, and his family are driving to DC on Sunday June 10th to meet me and to stay until the 16th.  His wife, Rae, and their sons Griffin and Harrison will be with him.  We plan to see everything in Washington that they haven’t seen yet.  On June 16th my son, David, is scheduled to arrive to stay until the 21st.  Then Lou is flying in for a few days to liesurely see some of the sites then move the boat to Hartge’s Yard at Galesville, MD.

Bill and Jan Evans are scheduled to meet us at Lou’s cabin in the North Georgia mountains on July 6.  From that time on there are no schedules except the Annapolis Boat Show in mid-October and moving the boat back South about November 1.

We will go back up for cruises on the Chesapeake as work and family schedules allow.  We are looking forward to taking some time to savor the Bay.

Since we are not cruising at present, there is a picture that I like of Lou and me on the bow of MOONSTRUCK.  It was taken at Cayo Costa on the West Coast of Florida at sunset, and reminds me of quiet moments spent at anchor—really, the best part of boating.  It was made during a cruise of Southwest Florida with Capt. Ron and Linda Hall. Thanks Capt. Ron and Linda for making this photo.

Lou and Don--Sunset at Cayo Costa's Pelican Bay


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