Gilligan’s Island 3 hour Cruise

Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009  George Washington’s and my maternal grandmother’s, Lucy Jenkins Coffia,  birthday.

We set a record of sorts today.  14 people on board for a sunset cruise out of Boca Grande Marina.  We stuck our nose out of Boca Grande Pass, but found it a little rolly.  So, we headed back in for a comfortable cruise around Charlotte Harbor.  Drinks and Hors D’oeuvres, you know a little piece of cheese and a little piece of meat, served.

The Florida Crew, Terry, Cheryl, Jerry, Karen, Susan, Tom and Elaine (from Indiana), Gene, Sue, Kim, Cuddy & Marie Viall (from Signal Mountain), and of course Lou and me.  We had a boat load, but a great time.  Jerry and Terry were pressed into service getting out food and drinks.  Then Jerry took up the hard job of entertaining the ladies on the back of the boat.

Cheryl and Elaine

Marie and Cuddy Viall

Cuddy, Jerry, Karen, Susan, Terry, and Tom

Gene and Lou


Lou and Kim


Don, Cuddie, and Marie

I think that we had the whole cast of characters from Gilligan’s Island on board.  There was the captain, Ginger, Mary Ann, the professor, the millionaire & his wife, and of course Gilligan.  I will not disclose who I thought would fit what part!


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