2015 RV trip to Canada. We’re blogging again.

The plan:  Get up to Nova Scotia, then over to Ottawa, then to visit friends Rick and Edyie in Ontario, the to Niagara On the Lake, then to Mackinac Island, MI, then home.  We plan to see friends along the way—the Blinns at VA Beach, Marc Bowerman in SW Harbor, ME, and the Hawkins at Deer Island, ME.  That with a little site seeing mixed in.  Probably about 4000 miles in all.

We pulled out of Cartersville on May 26th to start our trip north.  Started by going south around Atlanta and up to Greensboro, NC for a quick overnight pitt stop.  We didn’t even unhook the trailer.  The first pic is the trailer in the down position ready for towing. DSCF0085 Then Greensboro Campground for an overnight. DSCF0086 Next morning it was on to Virginia Beach VA to visit our friends Norm and Kathy.  They are great hosts and both are gourmet chefs.  You will see a little of this.  They picked up a lot of this while living in Naples, Italy.  Norm is a retired Navy Captain, and this we had access to most to the naval bases around the area.  That was fortunate because some of the historical areas are located around a restricted base at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. DSCF0107 Located on the base were the original and replacement Cape Henry light houses that was the second light house constructed by the U. S. DSCF0091 DSCF0090 DSCF0088 On the base are also located the historical markers and monuments commemoratng the Jamestown settlers first landing on American soil in 1607. The erected a wooden cross to mark the spot.  There is a monument there with a beautiful cross. DSCF0095 Another part of the history around the mouth of the Chesapeake has to do with the Navy battles to keep the British out of the Chesapeake Bay to resupply General Cornwallis with troops and supplies.  Cornwallis’ back was against the wall at Yorktown.  The French fleet had sealed the Bay.  As I like to say, Admiral de Grasse saved out ass.  Here are some monuments commemorating that battle. DSCF0093 DSCF0100 DSCF0101 Most all who know me know that I can’t do the east coast without a little history worked in.  We were camped for two nights at First Landing State Park.  It is hard to find a campground in a more natural setting.  The campsites are nestled into the live oaks just inside the dune line of the beach..Great privacy, but be prepared for much sand. The Blinns brought dinner to the campsite.  They provided a great breakfast of crab cakes and eggs the next morning. Then Norm and I headed to the Mariner’s Museum at Hampton to check out the new Monitor Exhibit. Exhibit.  There is a boat load (or should I say RV load) of pictures, but this is all tonight. MARINERS MUSEUM Hampton VA WOW! what a wonderful job they have done on exhibiting the relics from the Monitor site.  They also did a great job in telling the story of the recovery. Now, for the question of the evening.  Let’s see if anyone can guess what this is and does. DSCF0141 Here are some pictures from the Monitor Exhibit.  There will be a bonus question at the end. DSCF0131 The above is one of the guns from the Monitor in the preservation tank.  To stabilize and preserve some of the items may take as long as 20 years. DSCF0119 The above is a photo of a scale model of what the Monitor looked like before sinking. Now for the bonus question.  How many tons of coal could the monitor carry? Then it was back to the Blinn’s home for a scrumptious meal and good company.Norm and I took his aluminum john boat with a trolling motor for a spin around several coves on the lake behind his home. DSCF0115 NormDSCF0149 Lou DSCF0148 Norm smoked cedar planked bacon wrapped scallops on the grill. DSCF0151 Kathy at her table.  What a wonderful meal.  Superb! DSCF0152 We hate to leave after such a short visit, but there is much ground to cover in the next month.  So next morning we were off to stay near Hershey PA.  Here are a few pictures from there will be posted tomorrow.  We are now at Mystic Ct. for two nights before heading to Maine.  So stay tuned there should be lot’s more. Desert and coffee on the porch.  The end to a great day. DSCF0153 On to HERSHEY PA for our chocolate fix. Hershey where the street lights are chocolate kisses. DSCF0155 DSCF0156 DSCF0157 DSCF0158 Then the ladies at the campground office recommended a little restaurant about 5 miles down the road that served wonderful home cooked meals.  They weren’t wrong.  What I call it is comfort food, and plenty of it.  We couldn’t eat much over half. DSCF0159 We have now made our way to Mystic, CT.  We did the Mystic Seaport Museum today along with a little shopping.  Many pictures of which a few will be selected for posting. SPECIAL NOTE:  CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE.  CLICK YOUR BACK BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PAGE. We are off to Freeport ME, home of LL Bean, tomorrow.  June 2nd and we made it to Freeport.  We will be here for a couple of days to cure our shopping habit, and rest up.  We have been going a little hard.  Time to slow down, and savor what Maine has to offer. Yesterday was a cold, wet, and dreary New England day We went into Mystic to visit Mystic Seaport Museum and then go across the bridge to eat and window shop.  That is such a beautiful area to roam around, and the history is great.  I will just post several pictures of the Seaport and surrounding area.  They will speak for themselves. DSCF0161 DSCF0162 DSCF0164 DSCF0165 DSCF0166 DSCF0167 DSCF0168 DSCF0172 DSCF0173 DSCF0176 DSCF0178 DSCF0182. FREEPORT, ME The home of LL Bean and their Flagship Store.  A pretty little town and shoppers Mecca.  The LL Bean complex is spread over a couple of city blocks.  Then there are many, many outlet stores spread out around the city streets.  Just to mention a couple Northface and Vinyard Vines.  It is active and outdoor activities and clothing paradise. We ate a late lunch at Linda Bean’s Restaurant across from the main entrance.  Linda Bean is the granddaughter of LL Bean.  Lou had crab cakes and real whipped potatoes.  I had a 16 oz. mug of seafood chowder and a garden salad.  It was all delicious. (This was posted for Norm) Here are a few pictures from the day DSCF0184 DSCF0185 DSCF0187 DSCF0188 DSCF0189 oo. We will lazy around here tomorrow morning.  Then do a little exploring of the area.  The the next day June 5th we plan on heading up to camp around Ellsworth.  We will take the slow way around the coastal areas.  We hope to meet up with David (dwhatty on TF) at Deer Isle and Mark Bowerman from TF at Southwest Harbor.  Mark will probably have made it by then.  He winters his 48′ Defever trawler in the Florida Keys,  and summers in Maine.  That’s a tough billet for sure. Here’s hoping for lobster rolls from roadside stands tomorrow. Today we did a little exploring.  We went up to Rockland to see a real working harbor.  On the way we passed through what I think is one of the most beautiful villages in Maine, Wiscasset.  While there we stopped for Lou’s first lobster roll.  The lobster shack is called Red’s Eats.  It is just before the bridge, and is small.  One windo to take your order and serve.  No parking, and people line up on the sidewalk.  They put the meat of an over one pound lobster on top of a top split hot dog roll.  It is overflowing.  Red’s comes highly recommended as one of the top 10 shacks for lobster rolls.  It is even recommended by some who will not eat lobster.  You know who you are.  Here’s Lou and her first lobster roll. .DSCF0193 Now, for a little serious talk.  We have taken an extra day here mainly to give Lou a rest.  Her rheumatoid arthritis has flaired up,  and there is no point in continuing the trip if she can’t  enjoy it.  So, in the morning we will start the long trip home.  Depending on the route it will be 1400 to 1600 miles.  “Funky Lady” the voice inside our GPS will hopefully get us there.  That is if she can understand Don’s southern drawl or Tennessee twang.  Understanding these Mainers would be far beyond her capabilities. So, the good/bad news is that this will probably be our last post on this trip. LIVING LARGE AT THE WAL*MART Just had to do one more post.  We made 420 miles today.  We asked “Funky Lady”, the voice in our GPS, to find a campground on route near us.  Not much to offer, so we asked her for a Wal*Mart Super Center.  8 miles down the road at Pittston, PA was one at the exit.  I asked at the service desk if they allowed over night RVs.  The lady said sure do at the outer edge of the parking lot.  Soooo, we are boondocking (camping with no hookups) at the Wal*Mart.  Ain’t life great!


This is really true.  Most Wal*Marts, Cabellas, and truck stops will allow it.  Most truck stops and Cabellas even have dump stations and sell propane.  These places a good for a quick over night when you are trying to do a fast trip.


15 responses to “2015 RV trip to Canada. We’re blogging again.

  1. Lord have mercy, just the picture of the bacon-wrapped scallops made my visit worthwhile. I have to remind you of the scallops in Digby, Nova Scotia. We certainly envy y’all on this trip.

  2. Capt. Don & Lou Lou,
    Enjoy. Looks like a great trip. Eat some fantastic seafood for Linda & I.
    Hope all goes well.

  3. Red’s Eats roadside stand in Wiscasset is supposedly #1 in lobster rolls. Don’t eat those bugs myself.

  4. Thanks, David. I love Wiscasset and was just looking at the reviews on Red’s Eats. Plan to stop there for lunch. Look for a private e-mail this afternoon or tomorrow. The schedule may be changing.


  5. Safe trip home and hope Lou starts feeling better as you reach Southern warmth. Hope there will be a next trip Downeast for you both.

    • Jan you are the closest so far other than a person that ws one of the original divers on the Monitor. Close counts in horse shoes, but not here. The two cast iron coal bunkers (on port and on starboard) each held 80 tons for a total tonage of 160. The large device is called a Spider, and was specially constructed for just lifting the cast iron turret. To bad you came so close. The prize was a Lexus 460. It will go back in the garage.

      Keep trying.


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